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Pilots are a rare kind of human. They leave the ordinary surface of the word, to purify their soul in the sky, and they come down to earth, only after receiving the communion of the infinite.
~ Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra


A wide range of services for a variety of private and commercial pilots.

Whatever your plans are and whether you are willing to start from scratch for pleasure or career or you are already flying but found yourself in need of complementary skills and competence, there is a big chance I can provide you with adequate service. Check out below how I can help you with your project.

I am currently based in Victoria, five minutes away from the airport. However, I also operate from other airports like Nanaimo, Tofino, Qualicum Beach, when necessary. 


No matter how much flying experience you have acquired, my Flight Instructor Rating allows me to fly with you and provide you with flight training on your own aircraft as a Freelance Flight Instructor. I can help you achieve your full Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot Licence, or Commercial Pilot licence. Or even part of them if you have made the decision to transfer from a flight school for any reason.


There are three time frames for recency requirements: 5 years2 years and 6 months. If you wish to be pilot-in-command or co-pilot, you must meet both the 5 year and 2 year recency requirements. If you wish to carry passengers you must also meet the 6 month requirement.

5 Years.

If you haven’t flown as a pilot in command in the last 5 years and wish to get back in the air, one of Transport Canada requirements (see Canadian Aviation Regulations here and here) is that you:

  1. Redo and pass the Pstar Written exam in the previous 12 months,
  2. fly with an instructor to check and refresh your skills.

This flight usually involves most exercises and maneuvers of a flight test to check your flying abilities and decision making.
In the end, if you’re not too rusty and your skills are still within standards, you receive a dated document signed by the instructor stating that you were checked, the exercises you were checked on, with a couple of comments.
If you happen to be a bit rusty and not quite safe, there is a big chance the instructor does not sign that document and asks you to do as many flights as needed to get you back to the expected flying level. Be aware that no instructor would take the responsibility to let you fly without the required competence; and as much as this situation would be frustrating for you AND the instructor, you must be prepared for this possibility.

2 Years.

If you haven’t flown as a pilot in command in the last 2 years, you must have successfully completed a recurrency training program within the previous 24 months. There are 7 ways to meet this requirement, by participating in a Transport Canada approved recurrent training program:

  • Complete a flight review with an instructor
  • Attend a safety seminar conducted by Transport Canada
  • Complete a Transport Canada self-paced study program
  • Complete a training program or PPC required by Part IV, VI or VII of the CARs
  • Complete the requirements for the issue or renewal of a license permit or rating
  • Complete the written exam for a license, permit, or rating.

6 Months.

If you haven’t flown as a pilot in command in the last 6 months, in order to be allowed to carry passengers, you must have completed 5 takeoffs and landings in the same category and class within the previous 6 months. If the flight is to be done at night, then the takeoffs and landings must have been completed at night.


You’re planning on buying a new aircraft and your insurance company asked you to get checked on it? I’m here to help you achieve your new goal. But before anything happens you need to make sure I am competent on the type of aircraft you’re acquiring. Give me a call and let’s talk about it!


Not sure about your skills anymore and need to brush off the rust? Or you scared yourself and are not sure you should still be flying? This can happen to anyone, even the best pilots, and for any reason.
Before letting worry or fear take control and undermine your pilot self-estime, why not take some time with me to recover your self-confidence and maybe learn something new?


It is not always easy for a student pilot to be objective and fair about his/her skills, and how ready and prepared they can be for the final test… You think you’d need a second instructor’s advice and fresh look on your flying to make sure you’re on the right track for the flight test? I can certainly do that!


Do you want to expand the utility of your Private Pilot License and not have to worry about the time as you fly? This would be the right decision to make as night flying is a totally different and exciting experience between the lights of the world and those of men’s. The Nigh Rating is what you need on your license as it allows you to fly all single/multi-engine aircraft that are classified as non-high performance during night hours under Visual Flight Rules and Visual Meteorological Conditions.


Ever wished you could avoid mountains while ceilings were a bit constraining between departures and arrivals? Flying VFR Over The Top allows that and is the alternative to an instrument rating if it’s not yet the right time for you, and this is another service I can offer.

The Mountain Flying Check allows pilots to gain experience and knowledge when flying in and around mountainous terrain. This is an invaluable lesson for pilots wishing to experience the interior of British Columbia’s landscape and experiencing the pleasure of Mountain Flying during winter is unique and totally refreshing. But it also comes with some navigation and technique specifics you never meet while flying in a standard open environment. Some extra knowledge is a good thing to have for the best experience and to stay safe.


Studying for the exams is a long process and knowing where you are and whether you have acquired all the required knowledge is not an easy thing. I have been there too. Working with an instructor will help you consolidate your work and get a fresh exterior look on your work. I will be able to point out your strengths and weaknesses to put you on the right track to success.

Whether you attend ground school online or with a flight school, you may find yourself needing some extra work to find success with the written exam, the Transport Canada PPAER or CPAER. With the help of extra sample tests and question banks, I will be able to get you ready to pass or redo your written test.,


You own an FTU, you’re short on instructors and need one for a limited time? Look no further, I’m your guy! I might even be able to travel to make it work. I’ll be happy to help, let’s talk!

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