"It is possible to fly without engines. But not without knowledge and skills." 
Wilbur Wright.
"Never quit. Never give up. Fly it to the end."
- Chuck Aaron
"Believe you can and you're already half way there."
- Theodore Roosevelt.


You will find, in the section below, a whole lot of information and aviation resources that will be useful during your pilot training but also once you get the precious blue booklet that says you’re officially a pilot. Useful links, documents, study help, aviation glossaries, quizzes, rules of thumb, convenient tools, etc… make sure you’re not missing anything that would be helpful for your study.

What you need if...

This is what you need before starting your training:

Optional but nice to have, at some point:

    • Pilot Charts
        • Vancouver VFR Navigation Chart (VNC)
        • Vancouver VFR Terminal Chart (VTA)
    • Pilot Flight Computers
    • Pilot Logbooks
        • Basic or Professional Pilot Logbook
    • Other Supplies
        • Douglas Pro-tractor
        • Navigation ruler
        • Radio Headset
          Optional but good to have:
        • Kneeboard
        • Hood or opaque glasses for instrument flying (but you can use mine)

All these books and supplies can be purchased from vippilot.com or avworld.ca

Common Resources for all training programs

  1. Aviation Regulations
  2. Weather Tools and Flight Planning
  3. Aircraft Manuals & Check Lists
  4. Flight Planning & Navigation Tools
  5. Communications
  6. Application Forms
  7. Safety Related Material
  8. Transport Canada‘s "TAKE FIVE" letter.
  9. Glossaries & Acronyms
  10. Mnemonics & Memory Aids
  11. Flight Test Prep
  12. Some Useful Links for your training & pilot culture

As a Student Pilot, you will need the following:

As a Recreational Pilot Permit Student, besides items mentioned in the “GENERAL” section, you will need the following:

As a Private Pilot Licence Student, besides the items mentioned in the “GENERAL” section, you will need the following:

As a Commercial Pilot Licence Student, besides items mentioned in the “GENERAL” section,

you will need the following:

As a pilot who needs a 5-year recurrency check flight, you will need the following:

For a Night Rating, you will need the following:


For a VFR OTT Rating, you will need the following:

For a Mountain check, you will need the following:

  • Training Standards
  • Ground Lesson
  • Online access study & Prep Quizzes (coming soon)
  • Current VTA and VNC
  • Current CFS
  • Means of communication
  • Adequate survival gear & clothing (bold items mandatory):
    • Warm Clothing
    • Extra Socks
    • Adequate Winter Type Shoes
    • Multi-Tool
    • Twine
    • Tarp
    • Pen-Knife
    • Compass
    • Non-perishable Food
    • Water
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Flashlight
    • Matches or Lighter

The Mountain Flying Check Ride will include the following items:

  1. Preparatory Ground School
    • Approx 1.5 Hrs
    • Will take place at least one day prior to the flight
  2. Pre-Flight Briefing / Preparation
    • Approx .51 Hr
    • Swill take place the day of the flight
  3. Mountain Flying Check Flight
    • Approx 2.5 Hrs Flight Time

Oops! Did I miss something?

Haven’t found what your were looking for?  Let me know which specific document or link you wish you could find here and I’ll do my best to add it. And of course, I will send it to you as soon as I get my hand on it!