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The VFR Over the Top (OTT) rating allows a Private Pilot to fly above a solid layer of clouds in visual Meteorological conditions when visual reference to the ground is unavailable. VFR OTT is included in the privileges for a Commercial Licence.


Training Overview

The VFR OTT program is separated into two related paths: ground instruction and in-flight training. While there are no written or in-flight Transport Canada examinations, we will furnish you with the required background knowledge, skill, and understanding to successfully meet all company and Transport Canada requirements for the rating. There is no formal Ground school for this rating.

A minimum age of seventeen (17) years old is required for a VFR OTT Rating.

Must have a Category 1 or 3 medical certificate.

Ground Instruction.
Related topics that will be covered:

Students will be required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the required subjects.

Ground training consists of knowledge and understanding of all pertinent air regulations, airspace, weather, instrument flying techniques, and the use of radio navaids. ADF, VOR, and GPS will be covered. Although there is no practical or written test, candidates must meet the skill requirements.

Applicants shall have completed a minimum of 15 hours of dual instrument time, of which a maximum of 5 hours may be instrument ground time.
Instrument time completed on other courses may be counted.


An applicant for a VFR OTT rating shall have reached the level of skills specified in the Flight Instructor Guide – VFR OTT.